Bathroom remodeling / Tub to shower conversions /curb-less showers

Bathroom remodeling projects are a very important topic these days. We can assist you in creating your dream bathroom design and making it a reality. When you attempt a tub to shower conversion project you need to consider  a number of aspects, so your remodeling project achieves the best result to adequately meet all the needs of your entire family.
These days, all newly constructed homes are including showers in their Master  bathrooms. Unfortunately most older homes do not include a shower. Showers help minimize water consumption and enable quick, refreshing bathing experiences. They can even help save space in the bathroom giving more room for storage and for adding other functionalities. Tub to shower conversion can be achieved in two ways. Either you can completely replace the tub with a new shower unit or  include it in the existing space if you do not want to remove the tub.

In most bathrooms the tub space is usually tight due to the fact that standard tubs are only usually about 29-30 inches wide. The standard shower should at least be 36″ wide in my opinion. You can always make it smaller if you wish. But you have to remember that you need room to wash. We can stand inside a tub and shower with ease. But once we remove the tub sides it is surprising how quickly we use the space. A viable option is creating a curb-less shower space. I will get into that later in the blog.

Most times, bathroom remodelling projects do not completely remove the tub. Most owners just look forward to adding a  shower to the existing bathroom set up while retaining the tub. The reason is that many buyers wish to find tubs in the bathroom in order to bathe their children or just take a soothing,  relaxing bath. Therefore, removing tubs altogether might affect the resale value of properties. Take this into consideration when planning your  bathroom remodeling project.

In every possible way, first plan out the intention of the tub to shower conversion and ask the experts how to go about this while enhancing the functionalities, look and feel of the room. With our experience and expertiseFind Article, we can guide you with a successful bathroom remodeling project giving the best value for your money.

  • First look at the over size and shape of the bathroom.
  • Is there a window?
  • Which way does the door swing?
  • Does the toilet sit right next to the tub?
  • Do you have storage or would like to add some?
  • What is the sink placement?
  • Adjacent rooms or closets we can expand into.

Some older bathrooms have a drop ceiling over the bath tub area this can be removed to open the space. It is customary to complete an entire demolition of the room area. Removing all tile, sheet rock, and sub floors. If your bathroom is old enough this demolition can be quite a challenge. A tell tale sign of a difficult demolition is if the tile or wet areas of the bathroom walls extend past the sheetrock walls themselves a 1″ to 1 1/2″ , that tells you that the tile was attached using a wire mesh, stucco or concrete substrate. Tough to work with but not impossible. Sometimes bathrooms have layers tile built up on them. Needless to say this all needs to be removed.

This way we can inspect and decide best how to re-route the plumbing for the drain. Since a tub has a drain on one end it, that usually needs to be moved to the center or close to the center as possible. Now if the toilet is too close (Standard building code dictates that we 30″ clear from the edge of the shower or tub to the next wall or vanity.) We check on moving the toilet. If it is only off a couple of inches we can sometimes use a off set toilet flange to achieve the space needed.

Now a days a lot of homeowners are asking about the curb-less showers. We have a lot of experience installing these into existing bathrooms. This is a shower area that does not have the conventional curb to hold the water in place. The subfloor and tile on top are sloped away from the outer edges towards the center drain. In some smaller bathroom configurations we slope the entire bathroom floor towards the shower drain. It is a more gradual slope further away from the door then the angle is increased towards the shower area. The beauty of this configuration is that it gives the illusion of a much larger bathroom. Once that curb is removed the bathroom opens up. It also helps for older couples to roll into the shower area. It is sometimes called a handicapped shower.

The current trends are using free standing vanities. These look like conventional furniture since they are free standing. But traditional cabinetry can also be utilized. A up and coming trend is also the rain shower head mounted into the flat area of the ceiling and the use of body sprays. The design ideas are endless, so be sure to call us today about your next bathroom remodeling project. If you can dream it , we can build it!



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